What's in the works?

On this page we will share with you some of the things we are working on for you, the community of Damascus.  If you have an idea of something that we should add to benefit the community please email us at EverythingDamascus@yahoo.com.  Please put New Idea in the subject line.

EverythingDamascus.com is an ever changing site based on the communities needs, changing events and new ideas that will enhance the availability of information to everyone.


The following list is in no particular order.


1.  We have a new program coming out later this year called the Lend A Hand Program (Final name TBD).  This program has quite a few different components to it .  We are applying for non-profit status to put this program in action.


2.  We will have a "Youth Corner" for our site.  (Name TBD).  This area will have specific information for middle and high school students.  It will include local information, articles of interest for that age group,  SSL opportunities just to name a few.


3.  Very soon we will be adding a page with youth organizations including sports, scouts, church youth groups, etc.


4.  Within the next 7-10 days the classifieds will be up and running.


5.  Within the next 7-10 days adding Trash companies to the site.


6.  Adding information on Summer programs for kids including camps, outings, and events.


7.  Senior programs, resources and links.

8.  Our mobile version is a top priority right now and will be out asap!


9.  Twitter and Instragram links will be up soon too!





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